GUEST: Skapelsen

Broas & Nyberg

On stage, a ceaseless mist unfolds. In the mist fleeting images from ancient civilizations wander. Endless echoes are heard; the sound of beings that are simultaneously alive, deceased and yet to be born.

Something is growing beneath the stage.

Skapelsen is a dance performance in the form of a scenic poem, where a new world emerges from the remains of the one we know. The performance is an imaginary beginning composed by the artist duo Broas & Nyberg together with the working group.

Concept Broas & Nyberg
Working group Jenna Broas, Martin Granö, Hanne Jurmu, Eija Klinga, Ella-Noora Koikkalainen, Fabian Nyberg, Kardo Shiwan

Tickets 25 / 15 / 5 €

Content warnings theatre smoke is used in the performance

Supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Konstsamfundet

Broas & Nyberg is an artist duo by dance artist Jenna Broas and spatial and video artist Fabian Nyberg. Broas & Nyberg works with concepts and themes that touch humanity and the human future, cycles and time, as well as life and death. The duo works with stage art, installation art and video art. Their installations and video art have been exhibited at several festivals in Finland. Their latest performance Designing the End was performed at Zodiak – Center for New Dance and was also represented on the prestigious platform Ice Hot Nordic Dance 2022.