Subtitles and Accessibility

At theatre Viirus we aim to provide an inclusive space for everyone.


Our own main productions on the big stage are always subtitled. GUEST and other performances are not necessarily subtitled. You can get subtitles to the performance by using the mobile application SUBTITLE MOBILE (By Loitsut Oy). You can download the app through App store or Google play.

  • Open the app and choose “Start” 
  • Insert the code for the performance (found in our lobby)
  • Choose “Start” 
  • Choose the production and the language and press “Start”


Wheelchair seats are available for each show. Please contact Viirus beforehand to let us know if you would like to reserve a space for a wheelchair. Also let us know if you are bringing a guide-dog. Tickets for assistants are free and booked through Viirus, 09 440 224.

The stage is on the ground floor. With car you can drive up to the main door. There is an accessible restroom in the foyer.

Viirus main productions are texted to Swedish, Finnish and English.