Premiär på fredag!


Premiär på fredag!

4 playwrights, 4 directors, 4 world premieres at Viirus in November 2024

Write a play in a week. Rehearse it in a week. From reality to the stage within an unreasonable time frame. Embrace panic, uncertainty, and lack of control in all situations. Don’t think through decisions more than twice. Because the premiere is on Friday!

We give four playwrights a central question and send them each week to a randomly chosen bar in Helsinki with the task of creating material for a one-hour performance. They have seven days to deliver.

After a week, the director and the rest of the team take over the material and create spanking new performing art from it. It’s unbearably rushed – because the premiere is on Friday!

The performance concept has arisen from a need to experiment with more mobile and quickly responsive theater processes. Usually, it takes about a year and a half from production decision to premiere in a theater, and the idea for the performance is often born long before that.

This makes theater not the most current art form, even though one might think that theater art is born and stimulated by impulses from the surrounding reality. At the same time, the long performance period and the significant financial investment that each theater production requires compromises artistic risk-taking and playfulness.

What can be done to solve this? Create frameworks for theater that strives for lightness, joy, speed, and a connection with the reality here and now.

We have no idea what we’re doing or what will come of it, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Playwrights Kaisa Lundán, Otto Sandqvist, Joakim Groth, Malin Kivelä
Directors Ida Kronholm, Maarit Ruikka, Rasmus Slätis, Essi Rossi

On stage Maria Ahlroth, Iida Kuningas, Oskar Pöysti, Jessica Raita, and possible guest artists

Set Designer Tinja Salmi
Sound Design Riku Vuorensola
Lighting Design Noora Pietilä
Costume Design Elina Riikonen

Artistic Producer Oskar Pöysti
Project Dramaturge Per Ehrström (Labbet)
Stage Manager Markus Schaffter

Producer Hanna Sundman

Tickets 25 / 17 €

In collaboration with Labbet r.f.