GUEST: Isolations-TV

By Granberg & Björkholm (SE) in collaboration with Svärmen

“ATTENTION! This is not a distress call. This is a beacon for lone ships in the night. Our hope is to spread some light in these times of darkness. We have nothing to offer. Nothing, but our professionalism, and an inherent urge to communicate, to partake and to help by any means. Communication at all costs! Even, if only, a one way communication. 

This is a flare in the night sky! This is the light at the end of the tunnel. This is ISOLATIONS TV! 

We only hope that someone, somewhere is watching. PLEASE! If anyone can see this, give us a sign! We need to know that we’re not doing this in vain. GIVE US A SIGN! But first: commercials.”

A global disaster has eradicated a majority of mankind. The air is unbreathable and on the surface war wages over the scarce remaining resources. The few survivors have retreated to basements and shelters awaiting rescue.

Two hosts from a local TV morning show have fled into an emergency broadcasting studio far below ground. Without contact with the outer world their minds begin to deteriorate due to lack of outer stimuli. In a desperate attempt to find meaning they try to do what they do best – they take responsibility for the remains of humanity and deliver entertainment around the clock.

Isolations-TV is a humoristic, dystopian theater performance that explores isolation, boredom and the human need to communicate. 

Performers, concept, production design Andrea Björkholm & Nils Granberg
Director Joséphine Wistedt, Hanna Andersson och Py Huss-Wallin

Language Swedish, no subtitles
Length approximately 80 minutes

Age recommendation from 13 years

Tickets 20 / 15 / 12 €