INVITE ONLY is a targeted audience work, a symposium for one day, an event and a party, to which you can get access to. 

INVITE ONLY offers to the invited guests cultural capital, performances, discussions about art, debates, party, whipping, speeches and food.

The working group for INVITE ONLY interviewed Teater Viirus’ artistic leader Jussi Sorjanen and audience worker Marja Vuori and created a questionnaire on the basis of the interview.

By answering this questionnaire you might get an invite to the event INVITE ONLY.

INVITE ONLY is consciously exclusive and asks what cultural capital is. What is cultural elitism today and who belongs to that group? Should we be ashamed or celebrate that? 

INVITE ONLY is an event free of charge and includes a ticket to both VERSAILLES (14:00) and COWBOY FÖRSVUNNEN (19:00) at Teater Viirus 6.4.

INVITE ONLY offers to the invited guests food between the shows. After the second show (Cowboy försvunnen at 19:00) there will be a party and some speeches. The event ends at about 02:00.

Essi Eirene
DJ Fuck HSL 

Antonia Henn

INVITE ONLY is supported by Teater Viirus, Nygréns stiftelse, Otto A. Malms donationsfond and Svenska Teaterföreningen i Finland.