Cowboy Försvunnen


Cowboy Försvunnen

GUEST: Cowboy försvunnen

Otto Sandqvist

Morning mist over the empty dance floor. Dew settles over the last dancer. A white western hat. Cowboy lost.

Cowboy försvunnen deals with bottomless desire, exhaustion, mania, depression, a certain boundlessness, and alienation in the perception of the self, as well as a collectively shared experience of isolation and loneliness.

These mental states are often very bodily, and therefore Cowboy försvunnen takes shape in and around the body. The performance thematizes a physical and affective experience of living in a late capitalist society.

In Cowboy försvunnen, banal, peculiar, and overly detailed fantasies of submission, desire, and escape are shared on a dance floor – among dancing bodies.

Text & dramaturgy Otto Sandqvist

On stage Emilia Jansson, Ole Øwre, Tom Rejström

Costume design Hanne Jurmu
Light design Luca Sirviö
Sound design Tom Lönnqvist

Producer Tom Rejström

Language Swedish and English
Age recommendation 15 and up

Tickets 25 / 15 €

Supported by Centret för konstfrämjande, Svenska Kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet, Stiftelsen Tre Smeder