Viirus GUEST 2025-2026

Applying for the Viirus GUEST program? Read this first:

Viirus is an artistic theatre. We offer a platform both  to our own work and to guest performances. Even though we are a theatre, we aim to break free from its traditions and conventional forms. We are in search of something new. Redefinition, crossing boundaries, fusion of art forms, risk, uncertainty, and precision.

Do you have a piece or an idea for a piece you’d like to bring to our program? Is it theatre? Great, that’s what we do, too. Is it a performance, installation, sound piece, video installation, or a combination of these or none of these? If your piece aims to engage in a dialogue with performing arts and the current world, challenge, agree, shake, destroy, soothe, then great, we are interested.

We value underperforming in many aspects of life, but we believe that art is too important and expensive to create to settle for mediocrity. The joy of creation is wonderful, but what does it offer others? Why should this exact piece be made? 

Who are you creating art for? We actually think a lot about the audience. We want to engage in a strong dialogue with the audience. We want the work to be accessible to the audience. 

The world is your oyster. We encourage active questioning of prevailing norms both in society and in the art field. We also appreciate being challenged ourselves, and we appreciate it when our habits are challenged.

We want productions with healthy foundations in our spaces. With healthy foundations we mean productions in which both artists as well as technical and production personnel enjoy working. We value professional production planning and an ethical and ecological work process.

Still interested in applying? Great! Here’s some practical information:

Viirus GUEST open call 2025-2026

What is Viirus GUEST? 

Teater Viirus’ curated GUEST program offers a space for professional performances and the presentation of various forms of art. Viirus has five stages:

  • Main Stage (350 m2, max 120 seats)
  • Main Stage 50% (125 m2, max 60 seats)
  • Studio 1 (58 m2, max 30 seats)
  • Galleriet (115 m2, 50-80 seats)
  • Amphitheatre (16 m2, outdoor stage, max 150 seats)

Application Link, Deadline, and Response Time Deadline

Monday, October 16, 2023, 23:59. Application Form:

Applications will not be considered outside the application period. Please submit your application on time. We aim to respond to all open call applications within two months of the application deadline.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone, regardless of language, nationality, or background, can apply for the Viirus GUEST program as long as they are professional artists, groups, or theatres.

Please Note 

If you have previously applied to Viirus GUEST with the same project, you cannot apply again. We prioritise premieres in our selections. However, if you are applying in order to do a remake of a piece, please carefully specify your target audience and the need for the remake.

Application Attachments 

If you wish, you may include the following attachments: technical rider, working plan, CVs of the working group (in a single PDF file). Please do not send any other files.

Our Selection Criteria 

We prioritise diversity and equality in both the working groups and themes. We encourage professional production planning and a commitment to ethical work processes. We seek high artistic quality and uncompromising form. We encourage consideration of ecological aspects in planning and production.

Marketing and Publicity 

We believe that art and its marketing are interconnected. Please be prepared to invest in this aspect and consider who your audience is. Our marketing resources are limited, so we also expect our guests to be proactive.

Who Makes the Decisions? 

The decisions for the program are made by Teater Viirus’ artistic committee in collaboration with the executive producer. We may also consult other advisors from the industry, if needed. All applications are processed confidentially.

You can learn more about Viirus’ programming decisions and artistic policy here:

Contract Model 

Viirus GUEST operates on a platform model. The guest is responsible for the production of the work and the salaries of the team, and retains full artistic rights. We do not charge rent for the spaces, but we share the ticket revenues with the guest. Viirus provides a production framework for the realisation and presentation of the work.

What We Offer 

Basic technical equipment for the spaces (for example, light and sound desks). Additional technical equipment can be provided based on availability. See more:

Technical assistance and consulting for setup and teardown, as well as other assistance within the normal working hours of Viirus’ technicians.The contract also includes technical consultation, help for set-up and tear-down, as well as other assistance during technicians working hours (daytime). Also included in the contract is marketing through Viirus’ own channels (social media, printed material, press releases, newsletters), as well as front of house and ticket services.

What’s Not Included in the Contract? 

We cannot provide an operator for the technical equipment of the show, computer to run the show with or licensing for software, copyright fees, planning or programming. Furthermore, logistical services, scenography- and costume services and accommodation are not available.

Duration of the Visit 

We aim to avoid short, one-off visits. The minimum duration for the Main Stage is two weeks, and one week for Studio 1. Galleriet also hosts one-night events, but these are curated through the Viirus Klubb concept. See more:


Currently, Viirus cannot participate in co-productions or other forms of partial financing.

Inquiries: Executive Producer, Curator, Mirkka Maikola,