ROCKY! Luuserin paluu


ROCKY! Luuserin paluu

ROCKY! strikes again – now in Finnish! 

They fear the most who have the most to lose.

We all love an underdog story. We want to be on the side of the weak. We want to see the beaten rise up and fight back. We want to see the loser win. But only when the loser represent what we stand for – the good. 

The monologue performance ROCKY! Luuserin paluu (Return of the Loser) is about the changes of power relations in modern Europe. The mocked right-wing populists are shifting the political balance with their furious progress, which puts the cultural left in an uncomfortable position.

Will the former losers be the new rulers, and those in power become the new losers?

ROCKY! Return of the Loser is written by Tue Biering, one of Denmark’s foremost directors. Theatre Viirus are putting on a new version of Bierings concept.

Age recommendation 16 years, the performance includes, blinking lights, high noises, theatre blood and scenes that might shock

Playwright Tue Biering

Director Jussi Sorjanen based on the concept by Tue Biering
On stage Martin Bahne

Set designer Working group based on the concept by Peter Schultz
Light designer Working group based on the concept by Mathilde Niemann Hüttel
Sound designer Working group based on the concept by Ditlev Brinth

Technical advisor Henrik Bank
Producer Mirkka Maikola

Translation David Sandqvist, Martin Bahne and Jussi Sorjanen
Performing rights Agency North / Colombine Teaterförlag

Length 1 h 45 min

The language is Finnish with English and Swedish subtitles.

Tickets 31 / 25 / 17 €


Helsingin Sanomat, 27.9.2021

“En högintensiv, dynamisk och tankeväckande föreställning (…) Martin Bahne gör en imponerande insats som enda skådespelare.”

Svenska Yle, 27.9.2021

“Harvemmin draamateatteri ja yhteiskunnallinen todellisuus törmäävät toisiinsa näin brutaalisti.”

Voima, 20.10.2021

“Som bäst fungerar Rocky – Return of the loser då föreställningen illustrerar de för detta vinnarnas impotenta hat då de ser tidigare förlorare ta deras plats.”

HBL, 28.9.2021

“Kulttuurivasemmiston itsereflektion puute luo äärioikeistolle tilaa kasvaa edelleen”

Yle Uutiset, 29.9.2021

ROCKY! Return of the Loser hiertää ja horjuttaa keskiluokkaisen turvallista mielenrauhaani ja ajatteluani.”

Hanna Helavuori, 14.10.2021


Press photos (Viirus)