Kamelianainen Show


Kamelianainen Show

GUEST: Kamelianainen Show

Keränen / Enqvist / Rantanen / Haapamäki / Haapanen

Love and death, theater and sex work, stage essay and meta show.

Kamelianainen Show is inspired by the novel, the play and the phenomenon called La Dame aux Camelias that was created by Alexandre Dumas jr. in his hour of bad conscience and grave financial difficulties.

Kamelianainen Show reminisces about the common cultural history of theatre and sex work and a late performance collective of notoriety – Slutartists – whose former members have agreed to rise from their graves in Kamelianainen Show for a fee.

Ida Aalberg, the famed Finnish player of La Dame aux Camelias, and Marie Duplessis, the consumptuous courtesan who inspired the original story, also get their share in Kamelianainen Show.

Interviews of sex workers and archival material concerning the performance history of La Dame aux Camelias are used in the piece.

Text by Juho Keränen
Directed by Pipsa Enqvist

On the stage Alvi Haapamäki, Juho Keränen, Camilla Rantanen

Lighting design Siri Haapanen
Costume design and props Alvi Haapamäki
Dramaturg Pipsa Enqvist
Space Working group
Length 2h 30 min, including intermission

Language Finnish

Age recommendation Recommended for ages over 15, the performance contains loud sounds, theatrical smoke, sexually implicit gestures and speech about death.

Tickets 23 /19 / 15 €


Press photos (Siri Haapanen)