Helsinki Jazz: Pauli Lyytinen


Helsinki Jazz: Pauli Lyytinen

KLUBB: Pauli Lyytinen (Helsinki Jazz)

“Lyytinen’s playing has such liveliness and class that you can listen to him for all evening without getting bored for a moment.”  –Written in Music

Saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen will release his second solo album ´Lehto|Korpi´ on the We Jazz label in the fall of 2023. In his solo project (2012-), the saxophonist takes his instrument to its limits. In his hands, the saxophone is at the same time both a bass, a harmony instrument and a soloist instrument, often also a rhythmic element. Lyytinen conjures whole musical worlds, sometimes with effects, sometimes completely acoustic. Making the new album has been a long process, during which Lyytinen has e.g. played and recorded in nature with whooper swans and nightingales.

Pauli Lyytinen is a comprehensive musician and composer who works especially in jazz, experimental, electroacoustic and contemporary music. Lyytinen’s active ensembles are Pauli Lyytinen (solo), Pauli Lyytinen & Niillas Holmberg, Pauli Lyytinen Rabbit Hole (FI/NO/CH), Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri, Elifantree and Sole Azul.

Pauli Lyytinen: tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone, live electronics, mellotron, sampler

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