GUEST: Tusenlugn

Kompani Nord

Tusenlugn is a clever stage drama by the poet Heidi von Wright. The text is a subtle mixture of seemingly banal conversation and poetic tragicomedy and takes place in a high-rise building, built of rods and tape by the actors of the drama. A varied sound world gives flavours and smells to the performance and the music is played live on percussions and samples.

The performance is approximately one hour long and produced by the pan-nordic theatre company Kompani Nord.

Director Arn-Henrik Blomqvist

Actors Petra Heinänen, Edith Holmström, Alex Holmlund och Niklas Häggblom

Sound designer Matti Raita
Musician Amanda Blomqvist

Graphic design Johan Isaksson
Producer Marika Sundqvist

Language Swedish, no surtitles

Length 1h

Tickets 25 / 20 €