GUEST: Marginalen

Festival of alternative performing arts

After a pilot event in 2021, Marginalen is back, this time at Viirus theatre!

Marginalen is a new festival for alternative performing arts and music.

Marginalen is a meeting place for a performance with a ski pole, Finland’s chillest free jazz band and Norwegian folk musicians.

Marginalen is a stage for both young dancers and an established performance artist.

The margin is what you did not know you needed in your life. Take a step aside, into the Marginal!

Date 15.-16.9.2022

Artists Bruno Zambrano, Sofia Charifi, Lari Silva, Oiro Pena, Mauritz Tistelö (SE), Jo Einar Jansen (NO), Hans Hulbækmo (NO), Sergio Castrillón, Andrew Bentley

The festival reserves the right to make changes.

Language wordless / Swedish

Content warning loud noises

Tickets 15 / 10 € per day