Luokkakuvia, vedos V


Luokkakuvia, vedos V

I love to sweat. And being quiet at dinners (bodily sensations)
Here my hands are too rough, yet elsewhere too dainty (pompous gestures)
Words get stuck in my throat (social norms)
An axe and an inheritance of silver
I put my shoulder to the wheel (This! Joy of effort. Right on ūüôā )
I secretly love reality-tv
We come to your house moving with helping, communal hands, and rub your shoulders

Luokkakuvia, vedos V (Sketches on Class V) is a performance in which the working group illuminates and further processes on how they experience class in Finnish society. These experiences intersect with locality, gender and the spirit of our times.

Class wavers in gaze, bursts out in laughter, twists in the guts, slips into our behaviour, sets one in motion, separates and unites. Class pierces through us. It is connected to networks, feelings of not belonging, capital, education and social norms.

Sketches on Class V will re-premiere at Viirus Nov 29th 2022. It is part of the Working Class Body Embodied – initiative which premiered in November 2021 as a Jojo – Oulu Dance Centre production. More information about the initiative and the piece (in Finnish):

The working group has been assembled through open workshops.

Artistic responsibilities:

Facilitation and concept Elsa Heikkilä and Laura Lehtinen
Performance Riina Hannuksela, Elsa Heikkilä, Soili Huhtakallio, Virpi Juntti, Minna Karttunen, Heli Keskikallio, Soile Lahdenperä, Laura Lehtinen, Aliina Lindroos, Pinja Poropudas, Anni Puuperä, Lotta Suomi and Katriina Tavi
Costume design Mari Nurmenniemi
Lighting design Teo Lanerva

Light technician Tuomas Honkanen
Sound design and music Josu Mämmi and Ilkka Tolonen
Additional member of the working group postdoctoral researcher in philosophy Sanna Tirkkonen

The artistic work has been a collective undertaking by the working group.

Press Photos: Soili Huhtakallio, Katri Naukkarinen, Janne-Pekka Manninen

Supported by Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Arts Council of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, Samuel Huber Foundation, City of Helsinki
Production JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Arts Management Helsinki, Nollapiste Collective
Residency support Liisa Pentti +Co, Sidestep Festival 2021 / Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Stoa
Space collaboration Balanssi Studiot, Tanssikoulu DCA, Tanssin Talo

Premiere 23.11.2021, Oulu Theatre, Vinttikamari Stage

Subtitled in Finnish, English, and Swedish via mobile app

Length 85 minutes

Age recommendation suitable for all