GUEST: labia

By Kauri Sorvari and working group  

Three performers bring the sensuality, poetics and politics of kissing on stage

In labia tender queers reshape and play with the multiple forms and images of gender and free romantic love. Different forms and intentions of kissing crystallize into small dances, scenes and choreographies. The performers fluctuate between experiencing and performing the intimate. Lips are touching other lips – thirsting, greeting, for farewell, giving, taking, sensing, asking, aching and longing.

bois, butts
hubba bubba, guts
wet lips, singing hips
bye shy bye

Director Kauri Sorvari

Performers György Jellinek, Kauri Sorvari, Jussi Ulkuniemi

Lighting designer Sofia Palillo
Sound designer Satu Kankkonen
Costume designer Johanna Liebl

Producer Riikka Lakea

Language English / not language dependent
Age recommendation Not recommended for children
Content warning loud sound, theatre smoke, eroticism (kissing)

Tickets 15 / 10 / 5 €