GUEST: Fuckgirl

Forsius / Henn / Virman

Fuckgirl soaks in pleasure, she’s vulgar, she’s difficult. Fuckgirl desires and dreams, fantasizes about true love, about the one. Fuckgirl knows what she wants, plays games, exploits the system. Fuckgirl is a monster. Fuckgirl is too much but not enough. Fuckgirl ponders and transforms between gazes, under gazes, with gazes. 

The performance is a cross-artistic investigation in agencies and collisions of different kinds of gazes. Parallelly it is a tribute to and a critique of the patterns and molds of love and eroticism. Fuckgirl is a collaboration between young freelancing artists based in Helsinki.

Actor Antonia Henn

Camera operator & video design Sara Forsius
Sound design Ellen Virman

Language Swedish (translation available at the door)

Length 45 minutes

Age recommendation 16 years

Content warning the performance contains theatre smoke, strobo and loud sounds

Tickets 22 / 13 €

Press photos (Photo: Sara Forsius)

With the support of Konstsamfundet, Stiftelsen Tre Smeder, Nygréns Stiftelse, Svenska Kulturfonden