Drink & Draw Helsinki: Versailles


Drink & Draw Helsinki: Versailles

Drink & Draw Helsinki is a life model drawing event and creative meet-up for artists of all skill levels. During the events, which last a few hours, multiple shorter sketches and a few longer pieces are drawn from a live model, with the model changing poses intermittently.

The focus of the event is on creating an experience and providing relaxed guidance, rather than formal teaching. As the name suggests, the bar is open throughout the event.

Next, Drink and Draw Helsinki will travel to France, as guests of the toxic court residing in the magnificent palace of the Sun King Louis XIV. The models for the evening will include actors from the performance Versailles, dressed in baroque costumes designed by Janette Laakso.

Tickets 20 € (participants get a ticket to the Versailles performance for 15 €, either with a code in advance or at the door if there are seats available)