Åh jag dör!


Åh jag dör!

GUEST: Åh jag dör!

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My name is Anita Berber. I was born in 1899 in Germany and have lived a wonderful and wild life as an actor and dancer. Now I have been dead for almost 100 years, and I am quite bored. Right now I am in Helsinki and dying for encounters with people who want to tell me what it’s like to have a beating heart, legs to dance with and hands to feel. In return I’d like to tell you what it was like for me at the moment of my death and what it is like to be dead. I’ll be happy to dance for you with my ghost body.
Kuss / A. Berber

Åh jag dör! (Oh I’m dying!) is an intimate and absurd one-to-one performance that examines the moment of death and the extinction or eternity of the consciousness. A performance that is curious about people’s relationship to death and how it affects how we live.

By Klara Wenner Tångring och Mauritz Tistelö
Working group Klara Wenner Tångring, Mauritz Tistelö, Anita Valkeemäki, Ole Øwre Storhaug

Language Swedish
Age recommendation 16 years and up

Tickets On sale in the Autumn