Doomsday Club with the Loving Memory of Hans Rosling


Doomsday Club with the Loving Memory of Hans Rosling


Coming up is a Doomsday Club with Marko Lehti, Research Director of Tampere Peace Research Institute, who will visit us on Friday, December 2nd. With him we will discuss just how much war and how much piss there is going on in the world. Are we headed towards terrible or terrific times?

The countdown clock to our mutual and unbeneficial destruction is ticking.

Whether it is nuclear annihilation or tipping points of climate change, mass migration or economic collapse: THE END IS NIGH!

Or? Is it?


Welcome to Doomsday Club at theatre Viirus where the loving memory of Hans Rosling invites experts to interview and discuss the most pressing problems facing humanity today.

We try to sort out the happiness from the hyperbole, the possibilities from the pathological, the truth from the terrifying.

The event is free, but the bar is of course open! Should you need a glass or two to digest the topics discussed.

The interview will be performed in broken swenglish with immature fart jokes in between questions.

Piss and love everybody

Who was Hans Rosling?

Hans Rosling is the educator that used statistics to show the world as a better place than ever before in the book Factfulness and his lively and pedagogical lectures that made him world famous.

In these times of despair it is the task of Oskar Pöysti to take the form of the living memory of Hans Rosling, to keep the legacy alive with a fresh mix of stand-up comedy, facts and humor.

Past Doomsday Clubs

The guest for the first Doomsday Club was research professor Hannele Korhonen, member of Finlands Climate Panel, who visited us on Wednesday, November 9th.

With her we will take a hard honest look at climate change. Are we already doomed or is there reason for hope?