Whizz, whirr, bang, clang!


Whizz, whirr, bang, clang!

Whizz, whirr, bang, clang!

A performance spiced with salt, pepper and a pinch of empathy

Sylvia Plath’s whimsical children’s stories come alive in this exceptional performance. 

Whizz-whirr-bang-clang! is a place for sensory experiences, imagination and collaborative thinking. A pyjama-clad performer takes the audience into the scrumptiously crunchy Toast World to ponder. How do you get jam on your toast? Is a mere thought enough to fulfill a desire?

The audience is gently invited to participate in this performance that encourages creative thinking and where poetry and play spawn linguistic discoveries. Whizz-whirr-bang-clang are sounds made by kitchen appliances. What would you sound like if you were a toaster? Or an electric whisk?

The performance is a collaboration between Viirus Theatre and Hav-Anna Company.

Target group ages 6–11
Capacity 49 persons
Length 50 min

Idea and concept Meri Anna Hulkkonen

Direction Meri Anna Hulkkonen and Thomas Kasebacher
Text Meri Anna Hulkkonen and Christoffer Mellgren

Performers Christoffer Mellgren (Swedish) / Meri Anna Hulkkonen (Finnish and Swedish) / Thomas Kasebacher (German and English)

Spatial and costume design Fabian Nyberg
Sounddesign Hanna Rajakangas
Technicians and building Atte Pukero, Laura Siironen, Noora Pietilä and Miro Savolainen
Seamstress, sets Elina Riikonen

Producers Hanna Sundman and Meri Anna Hulkkonen
Audience work and theatre pedagogue Marja Vuori

Production Viirus & Hav-Anna Company

The idea of ​​the play is based on Sylvia Plath’s Mrs Cherry’s Kitchen and The Bed Book
Performance rights Nordic Drama Corner Oy
Tour bookings and audience work Marja Vuori (marja.vuori@viirus.fi)

En charmerande och engagerande barnvänlig lektion i den avslappnat deltagande föreställningskonstens potential.


Ett sällsynt väl sammanflätat teaterkonstverk där scenografi, skådespelande, text, ljud och regi kombineras till något som snarast liknar ett konceptuellt performanskoncept för barn.

Svenska Yle

 Mat och ätande löper som en röd syltrand genom de båda poetiska berättelserna och föreställningen.

Östra Nyland


Press photos (Cata Portin)