Matin d’été à Epidaure (GIF)


Matin d’été à Epidaure (GIF)

GUEST: Matin d’été à Epidaure (GIF)

Vincent Roumagnac

Outdoor video installation in the Amphitheatre

The installation Matin d’été à Epidaure (GIF) – A summer morning in Epidaurus (GIF) is  set  on the public bleachers of Viirus’ amphitheater and presents a view from the top of the empty stone bleachers of the ancient, gigantic, and iconic, Theater of Epidaurus, in Greece in the summertime.

The images were shot by Roumagnac during an archaeological pilgrimage through the Peloponnese – the birthplace of western theatre – in August 2022, during a tragic heatwave.

Matin d’été à Epidaure (GIF) continues the Helsinki-based Basque-French director’s «re-ecologizing theatre/reacclimating the stage» project inviting intentional spectators and random passersby into a poetic meditation on the possibility of expansion of the human-centered and exclusive «here and now» of the theatre time and attention into a re-scaled, enlarged, non-anthropocentric and inclusive scenic ecology of multitemporality.

By Vincent Roumagnac

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