SCHREI productions: SCHREI vol. 3

Picture: Elizabet Damyanova, Felipe Osorio-Guzmán











Viola Othilie Tømte
Performers: Viola Othilie Tømte, Mariann Hansen, Klara Wenner Tångring
Scenography and costumes: Johanna Dahlbäck
Outside eyes: Henriikka Himma, Essi Rossi

Mild mother earth milk marvelous murderer monster Medea misunderstood mislead misconceived miss universe of all evil pandora’s box and watch out for sharp teeth and she wonders if she has the guts. A broken heart. A stone. Silent screams. No one believes her the carbon acid sweet little darling. Detonates at a speed of 8000 m/s. Creates a shock wave. Nothing can take her into possession, herself only.

SCHREI vol. 3 is a performance where we take Medea by the hand and dive into the many expressions of female anger.

In SCHREI productions we make audiovisual performances with the starting point of investigating and questioning how women and the feminine are portrayed and presented in art and society.

More about the performance in this interview

Language Swedish, Norwegian, Faroese
Duration 60 min
Tickets 20 €/15 €

Reservations also from Viirus: [email protected] / 09 440 224.

PERFORMANCES AT VIIRUS 5.9 / 6.9 / 7.9.2019 at 19:00. Only 24 available seats/performance. 
After the performance at the 7th of september the audience is welcome to stay for an artist talk with the creators of SCHREI vol. 3.

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