Protagonist är en livestreamad föreställning som skapats av kollektivet Digital Idiots för den danska festivalen för digital teater, re:locations. Streamen ordnas två gånger: 28.10 och 16.11. (OBS 3.11. föreställning är annulerad)

Du kan läsa mera om föreställningen och köpa biljetter på re:locations hemsida:

PROTAGONIST by DIGITAL IDIOTS happens live from Helsinki and surroundings. In the first two episodes Protagonist leaves the theatre and enters reality. Is theatre important. Is reality more interesting? What would you do if you had an hour of stolen time? How do we part fiction from reality?

This digital experience is a great opportunity to share an art experience with loved ones even though you’re residing in different cities, countries, continents.

PROTAGONIST is an Internet Theatre mini-series consisting of six live-stream episodes. It premieres at VIIRUS THEATRE (Helsinki, Finland) and at RE:LOCATIONS (Copenhagen, Denmark) simultaneously.

You as audience will be able to hear and see what Protagonist hears and sees via a camera installed to Protagonist’s glasses and binaural microphones. The private eye will become public. Do we have the right to see what Protagonist sees? The city becomes the stage and its inhabitants turns out to be the cast.

Digital Idiots are Kasperi Laine, Hanna Nyman, Ville Seppänen, Jussi Sorjanen, Marko Tandefelt
Crew Martin Bahne, Laura Birn, Elmer Bäck, Lauri Lundahl, Riina Leea Nieminen, Emmi Parviainen, Ellu Riikonen, Jonatan Sundström, Martti Tervo, Tommi Vasko,

Production Digital Idiots
Co-produced by Viirus and RE:LOCATIONS by Wildtopia
Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, City of Helsinki, Otto A. Malm Foundation
In collaboration with Mediatrade and LiveU

RE:LOCATIONS is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation