Human Resource

easy to learn – impossible to master

PREMIERE 19.4.2018

In Human Resource we step into a playful game reality. We gather around a collective board to try out, study, build, destroy, dream and search for new playing pieces, resources and forms of communality. Human Rresource is a tactile-social journey to our collective mental landscape.

Attn. Human Resource is not an interactive performance. All we ask is that you sit down for a moment and look inside the game. You choose a player and create a new world history.

Workgroup: Tom Rejström, Otto Sandqvist, Julia Jäntti, Mikki Noroila
Producer: Samuel Karlsson


19.4, 26.4, 28.4, 3.5 and 5.5

All performances start at 19:30 and lasts for about one hour.

TICKETS (klick!)

Normal: 16€ | student/pensioner/unemployed: 14€ 

Not suitable for children under 12 years.

Questions regarding group-bookings and school-performances call 040-0242684.

Human Resource is produced and created by TRACK-collective. TRACK is a collective that works with contemporary performance art and social games. The group initiated its activity with the performance TRACK (2017) for the performance-art festival Hangö Teaterträff in June 2017. HUMAN RESOURCE is a continuation on the collective’s playful research on audiovisual expression and an idea of theater as a social game and a collective and inner experience


Tom Rejström, Piia Peltola, Mikki Noroila, Otto Sandqvist, Julia Jäntti and Samuel Karlsson.

TRACK 1: TRACK (2017) – Hangö Teaterträff & YLE Radioteatern

TRACK 2: HUMAN RESOURCE (2018) – Viirus Guest (+ on tour autumn 2018)

TRACK 3: ? (2019)