Find your way

Theatre Viirus is in Jätkäsaari, the address is Välimerenkatu14.

On foot:
About 30 minutes from the city centre

Public transport:
  The easiest way to get to Viirus is by tram number 9, which has a stop right outside the door. Tram number 8 has it’s endstop at the end of the street Välimerenkatu, while tram number 7 and 6T have stops at the start of street next to Hotel Clarion. Both stops are only a few minutes walk away from the theatre.

The closest stop with the metro is Ruoholahti, an 8 minute walk from the theatre.

From the city center you can bicycle effortlessly along the Baana to the channel by Jätkäsaari to the theatre. There are several Citybicyclestations on Jätkäsaari and two closer to the theatre. Here you can find the stations.

There are two big perkinglots close to the theatre 
Västra hamnen:
Gräsvikens europark:

It is also possible to park your car at Messitytönkuja or Messipojankuja, where there are 2 hour parkinglots.